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2008 Beijing

Just a short post, the TES has collected some Olympic themed lesson ideas for all subjects and age ranges so delve in.

6 Jul ’08 0

The Butterfly Effect

About 10 months ago I stumbled upon the National College for School Leadership (NCLS) online. Prior to this chance discovery, I knew nothing about this organisation. Now, I enjoy reading their quarterly LDR magazine, I often dip into their resource bank and I successfully completed my first online course.  Only when I was invited to…
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22 Jun ’08 0

To do what…?

‘Teaching students to do what?’ That was the phrase from a recent ‘Moving at the Speed of Creativity’ podcast (courtesy of Steve Wycoff) that really struck a cord. I don’t have long to write this post, so I will be concise, never a bad thing. Dr Wycoff’s point is that we should be focus on…
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22 Jun ’08 2

Disappointed I Didnt Think of it

I was very impressed by the ease and functionality of Wordle, however I was disappointed that I did come up with this idea on how to use Wordle. The idea to extend the use of tag clouds to analyze long pieces of text like speeches. Simply brilliant, and now consider all the lesson ideas and…
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16 Jun ’08 2

Maths and Spelling Tests

Math and spelling tests are officially cool again. This morning I used TUTPUP to introduce students in Year 7 and 8 about online identies. See, Tutpup does a great job of registering students whilst protecting their identities. There are no usernames, only coloured animal and number combinations from across the world. So you could be a green ape…
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10 Jun ’08 0

Educational Trips

Having just got back from my first Hamble College educational trip I wanted to think over my thoughts. After all where do colleagues seek guidance when planning educational trips? I can only assume that the smooth running of this trip was due to the planning. The trip organiser was very experienced, having run this trip…
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8 Jun ’08 0