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Two quotes to impact upon my thinking tonight; ICT needs to be given high status, both by the government and in individual schools, in line with its importance to young people’s future economic well-being – Chief inspector of schools Christine Gilbert In the weakest providers, links between ICT and other subjects were not made, but…
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3 Mar ’09 0


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi I recently read an article about ICTAC coordinators and the coercive skills they require. I like Gandhi’s interpretation of the situation.

17 Feb ’09 0

DMGC Rigour and Purpose

Having met with Jan Blemmings this afternoon I am very pleased with her feedback but also very appreciative of her suggestion and importantly the enthusiam and empathy with which she delivers them. What did I take from her visit. Keep pushing the envelope, believe in what you are doing. If you are going to invest…
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12 Feb ’09 0

Who's Online, What Are They Doing There? Are we Going to Meet Them?

It’s true: email is for old people – at least it is now. Today, 74% of internet users age 64 and older send and receive email, making it the most popular activity in this group. Meanwhile, email usage among teens is dropping. In 2004, 89% of teens said they used email. Now that number is…
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7 Feb ’09 0

Impact of Student Voice

With our brand new learning platform being created 7 days ago, we went to student voice for their first impressions and for potential VLE names. ‘Schoogle,’ was the absolute winner, hands down, no question. ‘ If I am honest, I am not that keen on the name however the students reasoning was clear. If we…
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7 Feb ’09 0

College ReOpens

After two days, Hamble College reopens. Its been very productive for me and my team, I hope that the students will return refreshed. What was achieved? Joomla/Moodle themed.Moodle map/schematic created. CTS updated. Meeting confirmed for Thursday. Visit to Arnewood School agreed – Netbook project knowledge improved. College Strategy outlined. In the meantime, the webiste was…
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