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OCR Smilies

Having marked over 70 assignments over the Christmas break, with one set of classmarking  covering two assessment outcomes, I was able to make good use of my smilies stamp , rewarding students working at or beyond their target grades. This reminded me of my NCSL online facilitators  course experience, where adult learner pass grades were also awarded with smilies,…
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7 Jan ’10 0

School Closed.

Tonight at 22:30 I posted that Hamble Community Sports College would be closed tomorrow (Wednesday 6th) in 3 different places on our website. Updates to follow daily. It was very quick, I simply turn the front page off, turned school closed page on. Added the closed dates to the calendar and updated the ticker. I…
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5 Jan ’10 0

Forgotten Forms

AFL Radio Buttons and Drop Downs – the forgotten forms – and the time to write a post! The much maligned ‘Assessment for Learning.’ Every student is expected to reflect on their learning and take responsibility for the quality of their work within out Department. To increase learner responsibility with 16-19 years was challenging, but…
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23 Dec ’09 0

Lip Dub this with our Students!

I would like to thank Wes Fryer for his timely reminder! I stumbledupon my first Lip Dub, when searching for a USA memory (I studied in nr St Louis for my masters) associated with the song – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger. A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip synching and…
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27 Nov ’09 0


Not all data is school leaves you deflated. Stats guru Hans Rosling is inspiring and he is one of many that drew my attention to that fact that Google, is making 17 of the World Bank’s World Development Indicators available to search queries. From there I found the World Bank DataVisualizer, for those of you familiar…
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12 Nov ’09 0

Three Homers from Microsoft in Teacherville Stadium?

Did I read that right? Not 1, 2 but 3 Microsoft’s Education Labs projects on the way? Thats not to mention the Moodle plugin but that requires a lot more internal discuss before I am willing to open that can of worms. MEL, as I foundly call her, has just announced a new Math Worksheet Generator…
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4 Sep ’09 0