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Flowcharts has real potential. I am sure that there will have been a lot of hard work bringing the site this far. There are some strong draw features, such as alignment,  gradients and line types as well as a large clip art bank to draw from. Some interesting collaboration and export options. Its a little…
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29 May ’08 0

PPT to Black

Browsing yesterday I came across a powerpoint tip for presenters, as teachers, I thought it would be very useful in the classroom. Simply, during a presentation, pressing the ‘B’ key turns the screen black, press the ‘B’ key again, and the slideshow presses on.

29 May ’08 0

Quote: #1

For those of you that know me, you know I love inspiring words. I have tried very hard not to be distracted and to post quotes as blog posts, but after reading this Michelango’s quote from Garr Reynolds post, I felt it deserved a second airing. Now I have broken the seal, expect more….. The…
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28 May ’08 0


So today we took the work the students created in class and uploaded a range to AuthorStream. The motivation to get their work on the site was impression. I also learnt a few teaching points for E(ngage)-Learning and was left with one or two questions to reflect on; Although I created a short presentation about…
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22 May ’08 0

Trying Out AuthorStream

Just recently, I have been introduced to a number of PowerPoint to flash tools. iSpring Pro is FREE and converts PowerPoint to Flash. Net and simply add that option to Powerpoint itself.However, having used and liked the very reliable Slideshare, AuthorStream grabbed my attention as it allows you to export to share on YouTube (automatically…
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30 Mar ’08 1

Dr Richard Hersh

I am still trying to improve my typing skills but I am also listening to a presentation by that man whose name is in the title, embedded in Wes Fryer’s Blog. ‘Its not just what students know, its what students are able to do, with what they know.’ I know I have discussed this with…
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24 Mar ’08 0