Mootuk11 Knowledge Cafe


Mootuk11 Knowledge Cafe

20 Apr ’11 VLE and Moodle 0

What is a knowledge cafe?

I very quick ‘intro’ from delegates and onto the first question…

How is learning (learners) changing.

Learners include school students, FE, HE and adult learners, professional learners and learners from a corporate setting. The term learner therefore covers significant breadth.

Style variance of delivers is a gate keeper, barriers or conversely an advocate for technology.

Description of social media adoption varies from maintaining a Top Ten trends in social media to social media being unattainable to educators.

Digital Learning is often seen as a poor relation to face to face learning and with that, our colleagues

Do we need to develop new digital literacies?

Are learners digitally literate and where does the responsibility for this learning sit?

Educators unable to create digital content to then propagate an online learning platform is an on-going issue.

Literacies of an educators to identify plagiarism and design it out of courses.

Changing assessment as a result of

The importance of meta tagging content to make connection between in content.

How should MoodleMoot look like in the future?

Tracks were not always workable. It was not possible to move between tracks***.

The use of tags to describe sessions.

Education with Moodle sessions.

Moodle sites board.

Commercial aspects have been overlooked.

Profile or summary of sessions to .

More practical sessions.** ‘How to’ opportunities.

BIG questions from this years Keynote could possible tracks for Mootuk12.

A knowledge cafe much earlier on to promote conversation and networks.

The absence of ‘sales’ pitch is welcomed.

Problem tracks and the success stories of overcoming.

More open community influence in the selection of sessions.


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