Mootuk11 Day2 Keynote AM


Mootuk11 Day2 Keynote AM

20 Apr ’11 VLE and Moodle 2


If you are reading this post, Martin Dougiamas should be a familiar name. If you are new to moodle, Martin is the main man, Mr Moodle. As last year, Martin presented virtually and this years the conference is being recorded I won’t regurgitate the content but note the subtle inferences.

Martin DougiamasSecurity is definitely number one focus.

Sharing is now facilitated through Mooch.

Moodle is moving mobile.

Development has been split in two, bugs are assigned to either the stable or development teams.

Monthly releases will mean a clearer and expected development roadmap. The focus is now

1.9 Performance

2.1 Quiz refactor and assignment refactor

2.2 Grading and rubrics, competency, surveys and lessons all looking to be developed.

Official Mobile Apps

How will a task focused, touch screen, modular, secure and offline Moodle app impact on how learners connect and engage and how educators deliver learning and monitor progress? Martin highlighted upload, participant and messaging features but I am also thinking about the type of ‘common’ content, how will mobile apps encourage greater use of audio (recordings and podcasts) and images (camera API). Starting with iPhone, then open to development. is being revamped and is getting a complete overhaul.

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    • Kristian Still says:

      Tim, fantastic HQ knowledge. I would certainly not bet against you. I stand corrected.

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