Animoto Hits the Spot


Animoto Hits the Spot

24 Apr ’08 Digital Learning 0

animoto-logo.gifNow I must admit I have always like this mini web app. I used it to create short films for family, for CPD and for mini showcase films of student events. I plan to create my first feature length animoto of the Hamble College students talent that is LIVE tomorrow evening.

I was pleased to read, in many different places, that Animoto is now free for educators. It’s a really easy web app to use, just ask our Geography teacher who in 3 easy steps created her first short Animoto (approx 15 minutes work whilst chatting and marking). What is more, she announced with confidence, that she would show the rest of the Department ‘how to’ it. Rock face support for Animoto! Use it to start a lesson or assembly, get students to add images to audio, key image montage and any more ideas, please leave a comment.


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