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Microsoft – Innovative Education Forum

The week I travelled to Manchester to the attend the Microsoft Innovative Education Forum (IEF). In spite of the long journey and poor driving conditions, I highly recommend you bookmark next years event in your diary. Let me explain why. This Microsoft event brought a whole host of passionate educators together. You only had to…
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2 Dec ’10 0

Staff CPD – Out on a Limb

This afternoon I delivered my first whole college ICT inset. I was anxious, I was cutely aware that a ‘technology failure’ would have a significant negative impact on my integrity and on staff confidence. To lead 60 of my colleagues on an ICT CPD session via (relatively new) wireless network on their staff issued laptops,…
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5 Jan ’09 0

Animoto Hits the Spot

Now I must admit I have always like this mini web app. I used it to create short films for family, for CPD and for mini showcase films of student events. I plan to create my first feature length animoto of the Hamble College students talent that is LIVE tomorrow evening. I was pleased to read, in…
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24 Apr ’08 0

Its All Free

How about this…. I am learning how to type using a FREE online typing program, whilst listening to a FREE conference (“Preparing Our Students for the 21st Century” a panel discusses a variety of challenges facing education albeit in the United States) through iTunes and blogging about it on a FREE blog package, Edublogs. Thats…
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22 Mar ’08 0

In an Effort to Keep Saturday Think Free

Visited the Year 8 tutor room on wednesday. Tutor was very helpful. We move forward on this issue. I want to leave the weekend for thinking. For planning and reflection. So this is my weekly wrap up. Every other thursday I get to spend some quality time do important jobs. Today start with cover, which…
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7 Feb ’08 0

Mid Week

Up until now, I had been waiting until the weekend to write… This week I was determined to hit a half-way marker.  Although its not halfway, there is little to report in just two days. The Middle Leaders meeting reinforced the need to tidy user areas, noted the use of the IT tech reporting form…
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29 Jan ’08 0