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A few weeks ago I met Ty Goddard. Director for the British Council for School Environments (BCSE). We had a brief conversation and I asked him if we could help create some media for the BCSE. I appreciate how busy he is, so to answer our students emails and to personally accept our phone calls…
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17 Mar ’10 4

Vital Eats Your Time

Having agreed to organise a small group around the theme of Vital – I am finding that spare time no longer exists. If I am not organising the course on the OU Moodle, I am talking with our e-resources manager/graphic artist or DL teachers. In the evenings I am calling / emailing or Tweeting communications to…
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4 Mar ’10 0

SSAT Next Generation Learners

Although I was at the SSAT conference to meet and present with Bob Harrison today, I also benefitted listening to two powerful presentations on the use of space within schools. The first from Ty Goddard and the second from Mark Lovatt, Deputy Headteacher, Cramlington Learning Village. Further to Bob Harrisons 21st Century Leaders test, I outlined…
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2 Mar ’10 1

Digital Leaders Update

This is somewhat of a cross post, one that also appears on our new Digital Leader UK blog, outlining the progress we are making with the Digital Leaders project Craig Sumner has been working hard on the Hamble College DL blog. Nearly as hard as the DLs themselves. The MU set up appears to be…
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25 Feb ’10 0

Scale up, not down

First of all, a big congratulations to the Digital Leaders @ Hamble College who impressed Vital’s Helen Caldwell. On Wednesday, Helen inform us that we had been issued a grant to help bring teachers from various SE school together to help define the Digital Leader project. To then expand the project and to help like minded schools start…
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15 Feb ’10 2

Vital Project

If you are a teacher who believes in challenging and inspiring young people by giving them responsibility and real life experiences, then I need your help. With the potential support of vital (funding), we are hoping to share the Digital Leader program with colleagues in the SE regime (and beyond if your interested). The more schools…
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30 Jan ’10 1