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Google Workspace – looking ahead

A fast and focused look ahead to what school leaders, teaching and learning leads and teachers need to know in Google Workspaces. Let’s try and keep this simple. Free (Fundamentals) and Paid Standard $3 per student / year Upgrade $4 per licence / month (opt in) Plus $5 per students / year Otherwise here is…
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13 Mar ’21 0

Game changer

When I arrived at Hamble Community Sports College our department needed a way to engage and inspire our learners about our subject, ICT. Really, it should not have been that difficult given our students interest and curiosity the technology in their own lives however the much maligned ICT curriculum certainly made it challenging. The ‘Digital…
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8 Aug ’12 3

Image Spike

ImageSpike is a photo web design application that helps turn your static images into rich interactive media experiences that can be shared and measured. ImageSpike lets you overlay hotspots, with social, collaborative and interactive capabilities. Once you have tagged photo it is yours to share, embed or publish. Then, through a dashboard analyze  reports on engagement, click-throughs and so on. You could for examble set questions with answers…
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24 Jun ’12 0

Working with Bruizer

Recently, our Digital Leaders responded to a competition set by the ‘Get Set’ network and The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). In a nutshell, our students designed a range of infovids explaining Olympic 2012 sport rules, to be shown on the ‘big screens’ at the events next summer. Amazingly,…
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8 Oct ’11 3

Digital Leaders Deliver

At the very end of last term, the final week in fact, our Principal asked if the Digital Leaders could put together a collection of videos to help our new Year 7 intake get to know the school. They covered if a range of topics including the student planner, the NEW Behaviour for Learning policy…
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10 Sep ’11 1