Digital Leaders Deliver


Digital Leaders Deliver

10 Sep ’11 Digital Leaders 1

dl_logoAt the very end of last term, the final week in fact, our Principal asked if the Digital Leaders could put together a collection of videos to help our new Year 7 intake get to know the school.

They covered if a range of topics including the student planner, the NEW Behaviour for Learning policy as well as tips from other students. It is really truly amazing what these students were able to put together in such a short time.

I would also like to recognise the contribution of Mr Sangster, who on top of his teaching, gave up almost every minute of his working day, his free time, breaks and lunch to support the Digital Leaders. So let me summarise it for you, four Year 7 and 8 students, one teacher, nearly two days intensive planning, designing, interviewing, editing to create eight great videos. There were in fact Community Leader videos as well, only these didn’t meet their exacting standards. You can find the remaining 7 videos on the school website here.


The Planner



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