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Kodu Kabooom

With Prof Sugata Mitra’s keynote comment and often tweet quote gently ringing in my ears… a teacher that can be replaced by a machine should be. …I took a slightly less traditional approach to investigating the curriculum value / potential of Microsoft’s Kodu game design platform. Here is how we are making the judgement….. Take…
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28 Apr ’11 14

ICT in Education

Hamble College Digital Leaders are an effort to extend the ICT curriculum and engage students with technology. We set the focus, we investigate the tools and we decide the projects. This academic years sessions have included computer maintenance (deconstruction and construction), lots of digital journalism, presenting, product evaluation and edugaming. We have a very positive…
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6 Apr ’11 0

Digital Leaders @ Bafta

Hamble College Digital Leaders presented this past week at the SSAT Conference ‘Raising achievement through embedding learning technologies.’ Paul Hynes and Verna Donaldson were both kind enough to thank out students personally for their  input into the event held at the Bafta offices in Piccadilly. These young people continue to make a good impress and…
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13 Dec ’10 0

SSAT Achievement Show

I would just like to thank the SSAT for inviting Hamble Community Sports College Digital Leaders to present at the Achievement Show. The students delivered a Pecha Kucha presentation of their experience of being a Digital Leader at our school. With Just 10 minutes used to present, we gave ourselves the same amount of time to…
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25 Jun ’10 0

Digital Aspirations

On Tuesday, a small group of Digital Leaders and I are presenting at the SSAT event. This afternoon we met and discussed our approach to our 20 minute slot. Do colleagues want to listen to my versions of Digital Leadership or theirs? Assuming I should play only a ‘bit part’ I am introducing their Pecha Kucha…
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9 Jun ’10 0


I have wanted to test drive COVERITLIVE for some time now. I think I am just getting my head around it. I have read and chatted about the tool being used to engaging learners in an online chat room on ‘roids’ kind of thing but I see its use as a platform to cover school…
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30 Mar ’10 0