29 Mar ’09 Digital Leaders Digital Learning 0

Werewolf is a game of deception, involving 8 to 15 players. Each player is assinged a secret role, and tries to survive, and use cunning to discover the roles of others. Werewolves win by killing enough villagers to outnumber them; villagers win by killing the werewolves. Every night, the werewolves collude to kill a villager; every day, the entire village votes to kill someone they suspect of being a werewolf.

I thought that might be a very good way to bring a group of students together, say a group of Digital Leaders. Waiting to hear back from the Werewolf359 team and waiting for my village to gain sufficient players. If you are reading this, what are you waiting for, sign up.

How else could this be used with a purpose? Anyone for sixtostart got any ideas?


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