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Dystopian English

Look hands up, before I started this post apocalyptic, dystopian creative writing gig to get my lacklustre students writing, I didn’t even know what ‘dystopian’ meant, I have @jamesmichie to thank for that. It starts with the hot (if ageing) US series Flash Forward and @RealGeoffBarton’s tweets / comments ringing in my ears – steer…
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2 Dec ’12 6

Quest at Games Britannia

There have been some very positive reviews of the Games Britannia event held in Rotehrham this week and numerous tweets filtering through. For those of you that drop in here for your Text Adventure fix, read about Alex Warrens (Quest developer) workshops here. If you are either an ICT teacher, computing teacher or even a Digital…
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5 Jul ’12 0

Games. Education.

This post is the result of three discrete conversation, with three respected educators. The first with Dan Roberts @chickensaltash, the second with Ollie Bray @OllieBray, and the third with Jan Webb @Janwebb. All three conversations focused on teaching and learning, and not on games. Yet all through conversations were about the use of games in…
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11 Dec ’11 2

Games Instead of Class

One of the most profound transformations we can learn from games…. is how to turn the sense that someone has ‘failed’ into the sense that they ‘haven’t succeeded yet.’ Tierney, J (2010) In my humble opinion, educations’ Achilles heel, continues to be how we package and present failure.

4 Dec ’11 0

Anytime Anywhere Learning for All

After a fantastic educator meeting, where forward thinking and innovative teachers shared and discussed their ‘learning projects.’ And I purposefully say learning and not technology or innovation projects as without question the emphasis, in every all conversation, was about how the students engaged, developed and benefitted from the experience. There were a number of significant…
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24 Nov ’11 0

How Video Games are Changing Education

Games continue to offer education a rich learning experience. The diversity and application of the many educational and commercial games is cleverly presented in this infographic as well as the culture gulf between ‘teacher’ and learner. I hope its proved useful. Via: Online Colleges Guide

4 Sep ’11 0