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Know thy self

Originally I titled this post “Job application – know thy self’ was a mistake. True, it is particularly important to know your own strengths and areas for development when seeking a post, it is no less important when you are in post. Hence, I have corrected the title. Simply, knowing who you are is important, and that is supported by knowing how other perceive you too. Are you .... Read more and bookmark.

15 Mar ’19 0

Disappointed yet undeterred

In January we made the decision to move #srocks19 to Brighton Hill Community School, Basingstoke. On visiting, there is a wonderful sense of camaraderie and “can do” attitude from everyone at the school. From IT, to finance, to Headteacher, Chris Edwards himself. The school have been nothing short of sensational. Friday 1.1.19 the school was closed due to snow. Starting before dawn, .... Read more and bookmark.

2 Feb ’19 5

Performance Reviews – think again (part 1)

Cards on the table. I am highly critical of triennial performance reviews, performance management, of any flavour that casts dark skies over many schools up and down the country. I have been banging my very little drum, as loudly as I possibly can, telling anyone who will listen that performance review and performance related pay (PRP) within education is critically and fundamentally flawed .... Read more and bookmark.

15 Sep ’18 0

‘Putting excellence into practice’

Visiting Jose Picardo for the second time, he was no less a gentlemen, if a considerably busier. Today, Jose was hosting ‘Putting excellence into practice’ – Hampshire Collegiate School’s inaugural “Teaching and Learning Conference.” It was a beautiful day, a stunning backdrop, warm and welcoming hosts (thank you Jose and Cliff) and importantly a opportunity to make .... Read more and bookmark.

29 Jun ’18 0

Smile protector programme

Saturday 30th is #TeachWellFest. I am an advocating for the event because without positive staff well-being, there is no profession and second because I respect the investment of hard working, determined educators, putting staff well-being and career longevity in the spotlight. The names associated with event will hardly surprise you. They are the agitators and rabble-rousers, protagonists and .... Read more and bookmark.

23 Jun ’18 0

Winter term and the 400m

The winter term is much like a 400m race. It is exceedingly difficult to make up for a poor start (though not an unforgiving as the 100m). There is the need to maintain and control your speed. Teachers can’t afford to rely on the anaerobic system alone, you can not power your way through til mid December without recompense. Successful sprinters adhere to a technical model, efficiency .... Read more and bookmark.

23 Dec ’17 0