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Swallow, Spit and Chew?

The curriculum we have is a ‘swallow’ and then ‘spit it out’ later curriculum. What we need, is a ‘chew on this’ curriculum. This is not an exact quote but a paraphrasing of one of Mike Walters answers from a panel discussion. Now to think of ways to get students to chew on the curriculum. I fully appreciate why so many students chose not to savour the flavour of what they are .... Read more and bookmark.

16 Mar ’11 0

links for 2010-12-10

BBC News – UK schools fall in global ranking WWF Document Format Doesn't Give You a Choice but to Save Paper [Downloads] .... Read more and bookmark.

10 Dec ’10 0

The Battle for Newerth

The Digital Media and Gaming Club began with another tutorial in ALICE. A simplified 3D animator that encourages programming and creative construction. The students are making real progress with ALICE, some of the animations we hope to showcase on our college website, I am very proud of the lower College students in particular. ALICE opens up the realms of what is possible and the young .... Read more and bookmark.

28 Jan ’09 1

2 Pitched Up and Hit Home

It is not often that I find two tools in one day that I think I will go on to use as a teacher and also encourage my students to use to develop their own learning and presentation skills.  However Text2MindMap is the second home run of the day. Text 2 Mind map is a web application that converts texts to a mind maps. Text 2 Mind Map takes a structured list of words or sentences, interprets it, .... Read more and bookmark.

29 May ’08 2