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This post is the result of three discrete conversation, with three respected educators. The first with Dan Roberts @chickensaltash, the second with Ollie Bray @OllieBray, and the third with Jan Webb @Janwebb. All three conversations focused on teaching and learning, and not on games. Yet all through conversations were about the use of games in a learning setting. When writing about ‘games’ .... Read more and bookmark.

11 Dec ’11 2


Another year, another #NC11 Dylan Wiliams workshops and I can not recall a workshop where I didn’t leave with more questions than answers. I anticipate that this year will not be an exception. Embedding formative assessment Dylan has authored two professional development training packs for the SSAT with Siobhan Levy that support teachers in embedding formative assessment into their .... Read more and bookmark.

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Smyface Create an emotionsl face with a slider (tags: SEN MFL emotional webmotes emote emotions) Dark Realm Studios – Games “Pandemic II Humans all over earth are once again feeling confident of their global empire. Technology and medical advances are continuous. Little does the world know that a new threat has emerged, one that has the potential to change everything… if .... Read more and bookmark.

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Swallow, Spit and Chew?

The curriculum we have is a ‘swallow’ and then ‘spit it out’ later curriculum. What we need, is a ‘chew on this’ curriculum. This is not an exact quote but a paraphrasing of one of Mike Walters answers from a panel discussion. Now to think of ways to get students to chew on the curriculum. I fully appreciate why so many students chose not to savour the flavour of what they are .... Read more and bookmark.

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BBC News – UK schools fall in global ranking WWF Document Format Doesn't Give You a Choice but to Save Paper [Downloads] .... Read more and bookmark.

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The Battle for Newerth

The Digital Media and Gaming Club began with another tutorial in ALICE. A simplified 3D animator that encourages programming and creative construction. The students are making real progress with ALICE, some of the animations we hope to showcase on our college website, I am very proud of the lower College students in particular. ALICE opens up the realms of what is possible and the young .... Read more and bookmark.

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