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Wrapping up Anki – almost

This case study shares the experience of using AI informed flashcards (Anki App) with a mix prior attainment, all male, Key 3 English class for the past two months. When I say “wrapping up” – I mean, ‘we’ were are almost finished with our investigations and will definitely be using Anki Decks to support our…
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29 Nov ’19 0

Audio Cards for your Anki Decks

So I spent most of the Saturday learning how to build audio into my Anki Decks. Driven by thoughts of how to best support students with English as an additional language whilst also targeting students revising / learning and re-learning / and students on the move. (Where we have earbuds / headphones, we have potential…
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10 Nov ’19 0

Anki Decks in demand

Here is a quick update and early reflections on the four mini Anki App memorisation projects. Year 11 Upgrade (1) Students had just sat their first English mock paper. On the back of that sobering experience, I closed to use just the end 10 minutes of my two Friday Upgrade lessons to demonstration an Anki…
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9 Nov ’19 0

Upping the Anki for revision

We are entering a two mock cycle at our school. A full revision programme is underway; assemblies, revision packs, past papers, focused tutor groups delivering literacy and numeracy sessions*, revision planning sessions, post-it note mocks (live marking), walking-talking mocks, targeted support and that is before a programme of additional revision sessions is made available to…
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3 Nov ’19 1
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48,478 students’ data from 222 studies and 573 effects – Testing Effect

Not that creative a post title I know however I have been reading and re-reading Yang et al., (2021) for the third time. It is a hefty piece of research. It draws together a number of components connected to the Testing Effect, Retrieval Practice, Success Relearning and meta-cognition. On Wednesday, hot off the press (Online…
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13 Mar ’21 0

Bookends: Planning and Assessment

Returning from Dubai mid-term, on top of establishing myself at school and with the students, I was listening to the enlivened conversation around the new framework with ‘leading the curriculum,’ easily the loudest debate between online HoD and AHTs. Here I was, in a unique position, listening to the debate whilst experiencing first hand the…
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6 Sep ’20 0