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The 17th caught up on me. I had forgotten that I had contributed to Mark Anderson’s neat Christmas #Appvent project. I was wondering why I was receiving a hatful of notifications… as I was sharing their feedback with 9b. .... Read more and bookmark.

17 Dec ’19 0

Trefoil 1.12.19

It is Wednesday and I already have three entries for this weeks Trefoil (there may well be more, but I sticking to three). Two connected with A Christmas Carol and one from a morning podcast. Today ‘we’ watched the Dickens Theatre Company’s unique adaptation of A Christmas Carol and ‘we’ thoroughly enjoyed it. Two actors take on every role in this inventive, .... Read more and bookmark.

30 Nov ’19 0

Sunday Trefoil 17.11.19

A weekly update is proving demanding. Because teaching is demanding (and equally rewarding.) This week I planned, taught, read around the authors of the text I teaching, compiled Youtube Playlists, attended a school Research Group forum on Retrieval Practice (in recognition of the kind support of the Session Lead and partly because I am interested in the topic of retrieval practice*). Thank .... Read more and bookmark.

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Sunday Trefoil 10.11.19

This weeks trefoil reflects the time I have invested in Anki (spaced retrieval learning) app, explores one view of my teaching that is being consolidated and an interesting approach to exam preparation, similar to, but different from a Walking-Talking mock. My recent experiences of teaching full-time have pushed me further along the line that ‘substantive knowledge’ empowers .... Read more and bookmark.

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Teaching is messy and learning so difficult to pinpoint, that teaching has to be responsive is my humble conclusion. Securing and holding (a nod to desirable difficulties and cognitive load) students attention, essential. From there on in, the list of potential variables that may / or may not influence a student learning quite probably inexorable. And so the phrase “best bets” .... Read more and bookmark.

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Back to the classroom

Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one. – Doc Brown Back from Dubai and back in the classroom at a medium sized, growing, multicultural city school, with “strong and determined leadership.” I am teaching Key Stage 3 English… again. For approximately half the students, English is not their first .... Read more and bookmark.

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