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Phonics project – smaller, slower steps

Three more conversations into my reading phonics phonology project / professional learning. A self-directed ‘edventure’ for a Secondary teacher and parent two happy readers and one five year old learning to read. With schools closing, it felt a little guilty for not investing in knowing this information sooner. Here is what I have learnt so far. Phonology – a whole new .... Read more and bookmark.

10 Apr ’20 0

Days to departure – teaching overseas

I am re-writing this post following my first term, as I am preparing to head back out with my family. It is like a second departure. We are finding we have a number of family and goodbye commitments to fulfil. We have to manage the children, who are now on summer holiday. How are you getting to the airport? Who is picking you up at the other end? That will usually be confirmed by the .... Read more and bookmark.

24 Jul ’19 0

-3 month until arrival

Following a handful of international conversations and emails, two trips to London and a flight overseas, I received a contract offer. It was the right offer for our family however, the time frame moved from a September start to April start. (As far as I am aware an April starts are not that common). In fact, it would never have been September- international education in the UAE for senior .... Read more and bookmark.

22 Jul ’19 0

Teaching Overseas

More than fourteen months before I stepped onto the plane to fly out to to my new school, I started a professional diary that captured the process of making and seeking an international teaching experience. This page offers record of that thinking process. I plan to share that thinking process chronologically, as a countdown, and present the fluctuating influences of three key motivations; .... Read more and bookmark.

20 Apr ’19 0

The Coaching ‘Process’

After spending most of my leadership career trying to outline the differences between coaching and mentoring (in education), I am now resolved to present them as having more in common than different. Coaching and mentoring are activities within the area of professional and personal development… thus, a professional coach/mentor can be described as an expert in establishing a relationship .... Read more and bookmark.

5 Mar ’19 0

Front Page

Assessment Assessment spans the breadth and width of the profession. Assessment of learning, for learning, from the classroom to global education comparison, I barely scratch the surface but here is an outline of my interests. ASSESSMENT Staff Performance Performance management and accountability continues to be an area of professional interest and concern. How can we develop our .... Read more and bookmark.

17 Mar ’18 0