-3 month until arrival


-3 month until arrival

22 Jul ’19 Teaching Overseas 0

Following a handful of international conversations and emails, two trips to London and a flight overseas, I received a contract offer. It was the right offer for our family however, the time frame moved from a September start to April start. (As far as I am aware an April starts are not that common). In fact, it would never have been September- international education in the UAE for senior leaders starts mid August.

How prophetic ‘seize the right opportunity’ turned out to be.

Regardless, the time frame had just crashed from eight to three months and our eldest informed us that he would like to graduate Primary school with his friends. My father was now terminally ill. It would be weeks rather than months.

We exchanged a few personal-professional questions – and I accepted the role.

With hindsight – with a term under my belt, I start the new academic year more informed and better prepared. Our international home is set up and my family have had the opportunity to visit.

Now for the paperwork

Create colour copies of all of the following – (Office Lens App creates PDFs which are useful). Of cause, you can start this ahead of time.

Create a web storage folder. I used Dropbox. Always have access to your documents.

Your school will share a new starter pack. It will no doubt use phrases and abbreviations – like attestation, notarised, FCO (Foreign Commonwealth Office) – Follow that document and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. The schools often have staff dedicated to this process. Note – the is an upfront cost and school may offer a contribution to that on arrival.

  • All qualification certificates (you will need originals)
  • All qualification transcripts (Undergraduate degree, PGCE, QTS, Masters).
  • Enhanced DBS needs to be within 3 months – get on the update service
  • Doctor’s letter of good health
  • Employment Experience Letter: A letter from one of your former or current employers is required by the Ministry of Education in the UAE to say you have had two full years of teaching experience in the relevant subject and in the position you have now been employed at.
  • Passport
  • Passport photos (the sizes are dependent on the country you working at). Get plenty!
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copies of parent’s passports or death certificates
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Children’s Birth Certificate
  • Children’s latest school reports – get on good terms with the admissions team. Getting the family settle is bound to be important to you
  • Drivers Licence
  • Know where your nearest Notary Public works. Ian Gordon in Southampton, was excellent. I know this means little to you right now.
  • Know where the nearest FedEx postal office is – your attested documents will be sent over by recorded mail.
  • Revisit those direct debits (Amazon, subscription, magazines, mobile contract, television license).
  • What are your plans for the family home? Sell / do you need a rental partner?
  • Get a WhatsApp account – learn how to add a contact and share a location pin.
  • Check and double check all social media accounts again. Google yourself. Others will. Private. Private. Private or delete.

Bank Accounts – do any UK banks operate in your destination country? If so – move your UK accounts to that bank. International transfers are now often available between most UK and international accounts. You may even get a cash bonus for moving. Also, check your new account perks when you get the credit card.

In March, my father past away, at home, with my mum. This made making the move really tough. Life is unpredictable.

In the final weeks – the school may ask for a bio? Maybe a culturally sensitive photo to introduce you to the school community.

Do not forget to redirect your post. Annually, this was £77.

Final week Tax P50 – should you have a break to support the moving overseas process you may be able to claim a Income Tax refund. P86 Parts 1 and 2.


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