-8 months until arrival


-8 months until arrival

22 Jul ’19 Teaching Overseas 0

Moving towards October/November the international teaching scene will moves up a gear. Your financial commitments are in hand (right), your frame of reference has been narrowed, personal statements and inform your referees. One it is polite and two it is good to know how others you trust, see you.

Know your current contract inside and out. Particularly dates and commitments.

Get ready to update your Enhanced DBS – when sent, it needs to be from within the last three months.

With hindsight, I would recommend that you know the cultural expectations as well as the educational expectations of your preferred destination. Talk to a teacher whose faith represents the faith of the country you targeting.

From late October I received a number of approaches that progressed to various stages requiring various levels of commitment. These may involve phone and in-person interviews (London/Manchester). If seeking a senior leadership role, you may well be invited to visit the school.

Working full time and managing multi-stage international applications can be challenging, hence the prior suggestion to reduce your personal and professional commitments. If a senior leader role, you never know when you may be planning for an international interview, typically 3-4 day commitment.

All the very best.

Remember that advice…

Reasonable and sensible but sometimes you have to seize the right opportunity when it presents itself. The timing is not always perfect, you may need to consider some short term pain for long term gain.

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