Phonics project – satp and signing


Phonics project – satp and signing

12 Apr ’20 Teaching 0

In researching SSP and seeing our youngest sign his the letter sounds there is clearly an opportunity to pair the letter or digraph (text) / with images, sound-signs / action or ‘sound personalities.’ (We have gone with a fox). I have read that younger pupils (and parents) often have difficulties letting go of the letters and just concentrating on the sounds. Therefore, signing the sound, one presumes promotes phoneme isolation and identification.

Yesterday I shared the basic list with can be launched in various Triptico resources – Phase 2: Set 1 (s, a, t , p). Today I am / we are introducing Fox.

This is a first draft on the same Phase 2: Set 1 (s, a, t , p) list with an image – a two column list. Text and image. It could as easily be question and answer. The same list is used twice, first in Block and then in Spinner.

The letter is presented, the pupil would see it, and say it, and sign it.

On your click, the block rotates introducing ‘Fox.’

Fox then reminds us of the sound sign and phoneme.

Feedback on our ‘sound personality’ Fox would be most welcomed.


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