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A lesson in cultural capital or not?

Keeping in mind that “we are a long way from knowing precisely ‘what works’ in terms of specific approaches and programmes,” (Gary Walsh) I am trying to define my own framework for Values based Education. Ian Morris has confirmed with me the need to explicitly teach virtues. I would think educationalists such as Daisy Christodoulou would agree. Students can of course explore .... Read more and bookmark.

24 Jan ’16 0

Poem battle

We have been poetry battlin’ (not slammin) with Year 7 with the help of Triptico Student Selector Plus. That is the beauty of Triptico, it is so very simple, so very effective. I keep saying it, ‘Triptico – just add imagination.‘ Who knows, David Riley might use it as a tagline one day. And in the blue corner, weighing in 64lbs soaking wet, Danny, the alliterator, .... Read more and bookmark.

10 Mar ’13 0

Attendance Black Ops to writing opiate

Anyone else missing a few students from class this week? Year 10 and 11 boys in particular, as of November 13th? Can we expect some bleary eyed teenagers to return to class next week? [blackbirdpie url=”″] Let use the dollar figures shall we, they are higher. And higher here, is more definitely better. Call of Duty .... Read more and bookmark.

17 Nov ’12 0

Marking books, assessments and mistakes

I have been marking this morning. Marking students work always teaches me something about my teaching, something about my students, and almost always leaves me mulling over the process and relationships involved learning and teaching. Having started the class with ‘Who I Am*’ a funky worksheet, I have already learnt an awful lot about my students, very quickly. Given that it is a .... Read more and bookmark.

9 Sep ’12 2

Lesson Plans, Maps, Journeys

A rather busy week has meant I was sifting through a ladened Google Reader. For the most part it is a headline filtering although I find myself clicking through, digging deeper into more posts these days. This weekend a ‘lesson planning’ theme caught my attention (here and here) after my mid week, thoughtfully planned (barely) ‘satisfactory’ lesson left me .... Read more and bookmark.

1 Jul ’12 0

IF is a big word – it’s just literature

Why should IF be considered by English Departments? Many thanks to the delegates in the workshops at #CASWales12 for really exploring this question with me, it was a topic of debate in both sessions. The simple answer is that it really is just literature on steroids. The more complex answer… well I am hoping my English colleagues will help me with my initial reflections. Linguistics IF .... Read more and bookmark.

25 Jun ’12 1