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Think Link 90%

STOP THE PRESS! I was excited with David Riley took on the ‘Hex Learn’ project for a new Triptico app but really…. what he has created in ‘Think Link’ deserves your attention. ‘Think Link Plus’ – the first preview, received some really positive comments. Trusted, hugely experienced colleague and IT solutions company Director Mike McSharry (@mikemcsharry) described David’s work…
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9 Feb ’12 3

Hexagonal Learning 2.0

Despite only leading two lessons in hexagonal learning / thinking I am confident that this strategy made a significant impact on the students ability to understand and make connections between topic themes / terminology / characters. Respected colleagues, with more experience that I have, are supporting hex learning as a tool to promote SOLO (Structure…
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7 Feb ’12 3

Even more with textwall

So, two points to pick up here. At the end of the PSRE lesson I was able to push the student responses to Wordle. This automatically gave me an overview of the lesson, warts and all. To be fair, a very use summary. I am sure if the Wordles was projected onto a whiteboard you…
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3 Feb ’12 0

51 Ways to Introduce Learning Objectives

During the very dynamic seminar from Claire Gadby’s – ‘Proving Pupil Progress’ a colleague posted question, well, it was more of a request really. If you know of more exciting ways to introduce a lesson objective then I would be interested to know. Seeing that as an opportunity I set arbitrarily posed a target of…
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19 Oct ’11 2

Virtual Experiments

The Virtual Experiments Team @ Southampton University has launched a new website and several new virtual experiments. The new website found at now features various electronic computer science and chemistry Virtual Experiments that can also be embedded in various learning platforms. These experiments may be a little too advanced for main the 11-16 curriculum but…
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8 Aug ’11 0

As Darkness Falls–Quest5

Its been an entertaining half an hour working through the opening of ‘As Darkness Falls.’ A mystery IF where you play a private detective investigating the disappearance of your friend. His last known location was a small run down motel in the middle of nowhere. Now, I may have only played a few games, but…
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25 Jul ’11 0