Even more with textwall


Even more with textwall

3 Feb ’12 Digital Learning e-Tools Experiments 0

So, two points to pick up here. At the end of the PSRE lesson I was able to push the student responses to Wordle. This automatically gave me an overview of the lesson, warts and all. To be fair, a very use summary. I am sure if the Wordles was projected onto a whiteboard you could then use it in your plenary. Discussing words, differences between words and striking through words. Any other ideas?

Parent Evening

Second, we posted the Textwall number and email on our main hall screen during parents evening last night, giving our parent and carers the opportunity to feedback. Now, in this instance textwall was ‘unsupervised’ and we obivously did not display the textwall. More importantly we were able to get instant feedback on the night. When I checked in this morning, we had recevied six responses providing some very usable feedback such as ‘not enough seats available,’ and ‘the keeping up with allocated times could be improved.’ This type of advice is invaluable in a school and to improving both our systems and relationships. In the spirit of reports and parents evening….

Textwall B+, works extremely well in the classroom and even when unsupervised at parents evening. Textwalls contribution to whole school discussion could prove invaluable, certainly its avoids any perceived awkwardness when parents wish to give open and honest feedback. A little polish on some of the voting features could really make Textwall standout from the crowd. We look forward to next term.

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