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Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. Japanese Proverb Next year I am taking on a new role at school. Not yet fully defined, but one that will involve coordinating the efforts of more than one department. I will be encouraging the use of a wider range of edtech tools and…
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9 Mar ’10 0

SSAT Next Generation Learners

Although I was at the SSAT conference to meet and present with Bob Harrison today, I also benefitted listening to two powerful presentations on the use of space within schools. The first from Ty Goddard and the second from Mark Lovatt, Deputy Headteacher, Cramlington Learning Village. Further to Bob Harrisons 21st Century Leaders test, I outlined…
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2 Mar ’10 1

Challenge Leadership

Today I attended a Leadership Challenge Conference hosted by Krista Carter, Headteacher at Crestwood School, with keynotes from Peter Rabbett and Alan Newton, Headteacher at Wyvern Technology College. Peter Rabbett brought a breadth of knowledge from his advisory background which he expertly delivered. His thought provoking repertoire echoed ‘Shift Happens’ and included a dutiful dose of Hans Rosling style statistics…
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27 Feb ’10 0


DFSI? Simply, Dashboards for School Improvement is a new service which provides tailored assessment intelligence capabilities to schools, through the construction and implementation of bespoke dashboard solutions. These interactive dashboards can be linked to live assessment data, providing up to the minute information about student performance. Dashboards can help schools to focus on key metrics,…
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23 Dec ’09 2

Fischer Family Trust

Sitting in on CLT, its clear I need to spend some time (not sure when) reading and processing our FFT data can be used in schools. I know it will feature in my assessment of the L4L project and whether students are reaching their full potential? Any recommended reading would be greatly appreciated.

20 Oct ’09 0

Slow Change

Recently I have enjoyed the visual presentation, as well as the commentary on dangerouslyirrelevant. This has certainly led me to consider how information can be presented on our new college website we have been developing. So far my Joomla has been very positive, but I will let others make the final decision, in fact we…
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27 Oct ’08 0