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Great quotes about Learning and Change Pool

Great quotes about Learning and Change Pool is a great resources for any teacher, educator, parent, but particularly those that like quotes that challenge and inspire (or indeed both). I subscribe to the Flickr feed, so updates / posters get delivered to my reader without any effort what’s so ever. Free inspiration almost daily. These…
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29 Oct ’10 0

Content Control

Content control or filtering of the internet in schools remains a hot topic of debate within schools. Not just for LEA administrators, school leaders and Network Managers but believe me, for the students. Frustrated by the disparity of home and school internet access, students and Networks Managers engage in the traditional cat and mouse tomfoolery,…
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18 Oct ’10 0

Hard Lessons

On Friday I learnt two very hard leadership lessons, at the same time, in the space of a 10 minute conversation and one note to self-management moment. One I have tried to address as honestly as I can at this point, the second is just a feature of leadership I will just have to deal…
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16 Oct ’10 0

Coffee Sense

I think the leadership style I have is that I’ve never put myself above anyone else, and I’ve never asked more of anyone than I was willing to do myself. Howard Schultz, chairman, president, and CEO of Starbucks.

16 Oct ’10 0

Where is ‘There.’

At the entrance to the school reception was a bold red background upon which the schools name was proudly presented. We had arrived at Redbridge Community School. We were met by the Headteacher, Lindy Barclay, and joined in her office by Richard Scofield for an informal welcome. Dan O’Farrell and I where given the opportunity…
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8 Oct ’10 0

The New Leaders

To give the book its full title ‘The New Leaders – Transforming the art of leadership into the science of results’ is rather grand and contribute little. I ordered the book after stumbling upon Daniel Goleman’s research here and there and I found these summaries very readable and interesting. Sadly, although Emotional Intelligence (EI) is an interesting topic for commentary…
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1 Oct ’10 0