Be an edu PikWizard


Be an edu PikWizard

30 Aug ’18 Teaching 0

You have been told. You can not just go and help yourself to an image. Not even if you are a teacher and mean well.

You can search for images and “Usage rights,” of course you can. Or you can use images shared for free under Creative Commons licensing. Or you can use a handful of sites like PikWizard.

I am only letting you know, as David Coen from PikWizard, let me know. Pikward offers over 100,000 high-quality images, with 20,000 exclusive to the site. I respected his open and frank request for support and offer to “return the favour,” in advance of contributing. A measure of his positive intention, at least it is in my book.

So I popped over to the site. It is early days for the site, but there are a number of some stunning images and it is growing.

Monday is the first day of term – we will be welcoming new staff and current staff…

Good luck David.


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