Be an edu PikWizard

You have been told. You can not just go and help yourself to an image. Not even if you are a teacher and mean well. You can search for images and “Usage rights,” of course you can. Or you can use images shared for free under Creative Commons licensing. Or you can use a handful of…
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30 Aug ’18 0

Dirty STAR

Effective marking, there are a growing number of blog posts on the topic at the moment. Basically we are being advised to through in a pinch of meta-cognition and a smattering of feedback and whallop, we have a recipe for, I do not know exactly, but lets say 6+ months accelerated progress. For the record,…
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7 Dec ’13 0

Boys achievement

Sticking on the ‘narrowing the gap’ agenda I created a poster for the staffroom and staff work areas. Again, help yourself. The resoultion is should be sufficient for an A4 poster. The quote is adapted from the most recent DFE Statistical First Release ‘GCSE and equivalent attainment by pupil characteristics in England 2011-12.’    …
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29 Mar ’13 0

Self assessment with NAPE

A teacher (at least I think it was a teacher) posted a photo of an AFL poster on Twitter. You ‘like’ it, so you save it, store it, bookmark it, tag or flag it. Sadly, far too often one’s cup over floweth with good ideas and opportunity goes begging in a sea of shinny good teaching…
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27 Mar ’13 4

Two free tools

Two free tools. If you use and love the ‘5 minute planner,’ keep an eye out for the 5 period, 5 minute (or should that now read 25 minute day planner)  planner and follow @dandesignthink while you are at it. Dan’s a very creative educator and I am really excited to see how his exercise book project turns…
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17 Mar ’13 1


I first uncovered Triptico when I was looking for ‘fridge magnet’ type activities for teaching poetry last year to my Year 10s. More recently, I found my way back to David Riley’s (@David_Triptico) Triptico website via a tweet, to find a whole raft of interactive resources – easily edited, adapted and saved for later use.…
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18 Oct ’11 0