Don’t get me started on Triptico


Don’t get me started on Triptico

16 Sep ’12 #Success Teaching 3

Every lesson is a learning opportunity for me. I am teaching new English curriculum materials again this year and must thank James Michie for the fantastic base materials for ‘Don’t Get Me Started.’ I say base materials, as I am a proud teacher, and although I have used over 90% of the materials, I always personalise the activities and tasks to group. James has prepared the full learning journey, complete with assessment criteria and self assessment and targeting tasks. See, I trust James wholeheartedly, he is such a strong pedagogists  (I am not sure that is a real word – where I know amazeballs is.)

Are you delivering ‘Don’t get me started?’ Do you want to share some activities? I uploaded a sample to the TES resources and credits James as the ‘English expert behind my hack.’ I have also added a range of Triptico activities and I was very impressed at how such simple resources as Card Board really engaged these students. Seriously, I am confident that ALL my A5 group (FFTd targeted 13 Ds and 4 Cs) could all name 10+ persuasive devices and use them, some could even hit 12+! All from a very simple lucky dip Cardboard Tritptico activity.

  • Students simply pick a number, explain the term and bounce it onto someone they think could use it. If they can, both students get a point.
  • A student picks a number and the students use their animal or own name buzzers to answer, and then use it, or bounce.
  • A student picks a number for someone else, who answers it, bounces or use it, and any variations of the list.

The other activity we used with the Match It activity. Really there is no need to explain this. It is just that Tritpico makes it so quick to build and use. Two banks of numbers, match the term to the definition, manipulatives style. By the way, manipulatives style learning carries a hefty effect size of .89 where 0.6 is useful suggested as an improvement of about a GCSE grade. Just in case you were interested.

Two more excellent reasons to get stuck into Triptico.

Oh, and I can not wait to see what David Riley has up his sleeve with Triptico 2. The magnets alone will get a right battering in my classroom!

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3 Responses

  1. Luny says:

    Unfortunately it’s no longer completely free. Many of the apps are now only available on the ‘Plus’ version, which you have to pay an annual subscription of £15 for. In addition, schools also have to pay for a site licence if they wish to install it. Big thumbs down to David Riley.

    • Kristian Still says:

      I think that’s a little unfair, given that David has spent many hours developing the tool. The basic version remains free remember.

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