Brandon Generator


Brandon Generator

4 May ’12 Digital Learning Teaching 1

Is this a movie you watch? A game you play? A comic you read?

It’s all of these. It’s a web experience to enjoy and immerse yourself in. You get the chance to help shape the story and the artwork as Brandon’s Random Adventures unfold.

Brandon Generator is a production by Windows Internet Explorer, written by award-winning creator of ‘Shaun Of the Dead’ Edgar Wright and illustrated by renowned marvel and Lucasfilm artist Tommy Lee Edwards. It is narrated by The Mighty Boosh”s Julian Barratt with music by Unloved (Unloved are David Holmes, Keefus Green and Jade Vincent). Now that is some listing.

So what is it? Its a form of trans medi, immersive entertainment with significant educational adaption. I am drawn to it, in much the same way I was drawn to Inanimate Alice and Bear 71. Brandon is suffering from writer’s block and passes out after drinking too much espresso coffee. He awakens to he finds himself surrounded by creativity he doesn’t remember. You are then invited to contribute your thoughts and writings on what that might look like, and using a mixture of comic-book style animation, video and sound, with site displays the suggestions. An interactive fictions trans mediao mesh.

Brandon Generator would be a fantastic marque lesson that would undoubtedly engage even the most ardent reluctant reader. Reading, creative writing, problem solving and game design. With this simply stunning resource, our efforts as teachers would be in framing the scheme of work, exploiting the literacy tasks embedded in the site. Love it!

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