Brandon Generator waiting for Ep2


Brandon Generator waiting for Ep2

20 May ’12 #Fail #Success Teaching 0

image I wrote about this fantastic transmedia website for IE9 a couple of weeks ago. The students really seemed to enjoy it too and the writing task inherent within the website certainly challenged my class. In all honesty, it may have been just beyond their grasp, the content a little too abstract, but they had a good stab at it. Early this week I received notification that my submission for Brandon’s prose was accepted (even with the embarrassing typo and missing punctuation). Even more exciting was the opportunity to chat with the team behind the scenes, supporting the project.


Hi Kristian,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am working on The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator project and saw your tweet about getting your students involved…..

Ahh, that was our first challenge. The students enjoyed the website but could not get passed the social media connection options to fully engage with the tasks. That didn’t stop up writing, its just all submissions would have had to go through me, or through them, outside of school.


I wanted to ask you your thoughts on the topic, if you managed to get your students to take part and what the reaction was. What hurdles did you encounter…..

Could I start by asking you a little about your role at Hamble College?

Thanks again

Student work

It is a shame that the students miss out on the ‘official response’ from the Brandon Generator site accepting their work; so I have posted the work that students volunteered. You can vote for your favourite(s) and leave a comments or suggestions if you like. See the poll to the right, .


Sugar rush, too much caffeine, cold. Confused, I’m so shocked that I don’t even know how I feel. It could be I have many emotions all in one. Or maybe I don’t feeling anything; I’m out of my mind. The coffee has clouded all my senses. Black out!


I think I’ve lost it, I’m so confused. What just happened to me? The strong stench of expresso fills the air. I knew I had been gone for a few hours, where the bright sun shines through the window and occasionally comes in at 12am. My senses were tingling, something was not right? Writing on the PC catches my eye…. the ink on the pad is hardly dry? The cool air rushed down my spine. I shivered


Was that all a dream or what it real? Dreams are a performance that dance through my mind while I am asleep. But I can not find my memories. The hard I try, it gets worse. The pressure is getting to me and I feel rushed. I feel like a weirdo, it feels strange. I feel lost. Please wake up…. please wake up.


Maybe too many cups of coffee made me dizzy. I passed out on my laptop. I woke up and there was voice messages, a drawing on the pad and message on my laptop. I thought someone had come in but know one knows how to get in? Who texted me, who called? It was different outside, it was bright and shaded.


I’m confused what just happened to me that was so weird. As I awoken there was a disgusting taste swirling around in my mouth from those coffees. As I took my head off my laptop my glasses were hanging off my face. The scorching sun was shining bright in to my eyes it was blinding me.


Am I losing my mind? Missed calls? Voicemails?!  Did I do this? The paragraph on my laptop terrified me! Thirteen cups of empty coffee cups stared at me. Time for another coffee? I think I’ll pass. I tried to type on the laptop instead I found brown goo on the tips of my index finger. Is someone calling my name? Am I losing my mind?

It is a shame the students didn’t get to submit their work, they would have been bowled over to see their contributions featured in Episode 2. See, in the delay between drafting and posting  this blogpost, Ep2 has been released.

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