Old, new and iO


Old, new and iO

3 May ’12 Digital Learning 0

A cartoon overview of the IT journey in the UK with examples of people who are already making a difference.

A few months ago Andy Goff asked if I minded being characterured. Really? With my feautres I expected the worst and was not disappointed. In saying that, it was for a good reason and I consider myself very honoured to share a platform with such as amazing ICT teacher and community driver as Chris Leach, defintely look up his rethinkICT endeavours.

For those of you that need arming with insults, here is the cartoon and voice over from Andy Goff.

From Andy, I learnt about BAFTA Young Game Designers competition for 11-16 year olds. 

Write and illustrate your idea for a new video game for a chance to win the Concept Award, or make a game of your own to get your hands on the Game-Making Award. Does ICT (plus a whle host of more subjects) get any more exciting that that?

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