After some persistent hunting of Yahoo personnel and conversation, I am please to say I have had a very positive email correspondence from a Delicious Project Manager. This has taken a few days of online investigative searching including the searching of Delicious forums, Twitter and Foursquare.

Thanks for reaching out, we’re always keen to hear from our users and we’re certainly very happy to hear of any initiatives that include the Delicious product. I happen to believe there is great scope for Delicious as an educational resource and would be happy to offer as much support as I can spare to help your cause.

Our next step is to define the idea and get BectaX to help make it happen. Schoolicious (Tom Barrett’s branding) may have a place.

Once we know what they have in mind we can figure out what will work and what might need to be tweaked to suit each party.

This included how best to use Tag descriptions and how best to mitigate any single point of failure in the sites constructions. If this is to be a resource for teachers and learners, it needs to be able to stand on its own two feet.

What are tag descriptions?

Many people use the same word to tag, even when they may mean very different things. Tag Descriptions allow you to describe your tags for yourself and others visiting your bookmarks.

I have tweeted Bectax and phoned today, now I am waiting on BectaX to get back to me.

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