This morning I spent some time with our E-Resources Manager to discuss the value of a facebook account. We customised our profile information settings, avoiding policitcal views, sharing personal infomrtation, and access to our wall. We customisedthe contact info, as we didnt wanted this as a two-way commuinication tool but ratehr a billboard. Applications and websites were restricted almost completely with the exception of contact details and status. Yet still we are unsure how much information can be shared between users and this concerned us.

We think that our first steps into facebook will have to be postponed until more research has been undertaken. We need to know exactly how much information can be seen between our ‘friends’ (staff facebook users, parents and students) before we move forward. For now, we have secured the HambleCommunity SportsCollege name. Any other schools sharing information via facebook?


  1. Thought I’d just add to the comment above. I agree about setting up a page, not sure a Facebook profile is appropriate for an organisation. The Facebook profile is very much about a person, and I think a lot of the problems you’re having are because the school doesn’t fit into this model.

    I think the thing to look at would be having a school page and working out how information sharing between members of that page would work. That and some very clear guidelines for staff about what is appropriate there.

    Still not sure myself about the pros/cons of having a Facebook presence as a school, so careful testing definitely the way forward.

    Interested to hear how you get on,


    1. Kristianstill

      I share the tone of your concerns Tim. The aim of the fb page for our school is to share / push information and communicate with parents / guardians who may not otherwise receive / look for school information.

      My thanks to Anthony Heald @AntHeald you recommended;

      ‘If you set it up a ‘fan’ page rather than separate account people can subscribe without actually being friend.’ He went on to tweet, ‘so staff not exposed by friend of friend issue. Still worth giving staff info on privacy settings.’

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