SSAT Conference Day 1
SSAT Conference Day 1

SSAT Conference Day 1

It’s day one of the SSAT conference. The 3000 delegates. Impressive venue and the first two speakers set an enquiring tone. Sir Dexter Hutt, only introduced the conference but I felt that there was more I could gleaned from his approach to leadership and his experiences. IMHO it was a shame he was only introducing the Conference. A key reflection being that unless you change the ‘default setting’ for education, the outcome will rarely be changed. Change the default setting, the example given was to change the ugly 4 rows config of the ICT rooms classroom configuration, and outcome is changed. (I know that Hamble College need need to change the ugly 4 rows configuration of the ICT rooms to change the way student interact with one another, currently interaction is limited.)

Sir Ken Robinson followed and the audience warmed to his ‘slight of hand’ delivery and humour, did you know he now lived in California? And for the record he was never formerly known as Audrey? His key message was clear, creativity, ‘original ideas that add value,’ should be a central concern for educators. That creativity and intelligence are not divergent themes. Interesting, an observation, and only tongue in cheek, Sir Ken Robinson used the ‘default’ TIMES NEW ROMAN text font in his Powerpoint slides, old default habits die hard. Again, a thoroughly thought provoking, expertly delivered Keynote.

The default system schools rely on, the way are schools are organised, doesn’t make it possible to make many special efforts, that’s why they are called ‘special efforts.’

So to the final point of the post. I am confident you are not interested in a second hand, vicarious experience of the SSAT Conference. And that’s is my exact reason for writing. Whilst we were listening to the Keynote from ‘up in the nose bleeds’ the video was being screen live on the back drop behind the speakers. So it’s being videod LIVE. So it must be being streamed? It must be available to re-watch right? To reflect upon? To share with teachers all over the SSAT network? To share with our colleagues on our return? Yes Sir Ken, even your small blooper could be edited out? SSAT or is it IMM? Apparently the streamed content is here? As yet no content, is it being streamed? Regards? By day 2, the presentations are being hosted and available for streaming, I am not sure for how long so get on and watch.

PS This post script comes ten years on. There is no inclusion or record of the conversations I had driving up with my Headteacher Ian Knights. I was certainly being supported, developed and Coached. I had exit, no escape route. I was in the passenger seat of the car and forced to engage.

No record of the leadership points he affirmed or the relationships I need to invest in (though I recall I was told quite explicitly to do so).

I explicitly remember being told that I needed to be more policy and politically aware. I was explicitly told to watch Question Time. I have not missed an episode in ten years Ian.

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