So today we took the work the students created in class and uploaded a range to AuthorStream. The motivation to get their work on the site was impression. I also learnt a few teaching points for E(ngage)-Learning and was left with one or two questions to reflect on;

  1. Although I created a short presentation about using AS, actually creating an account needed a little more structure. Perhaps a slide or screencast. Even though we had talked about online safety, this must be reinforced.
  2. The structure of the activity must be very clear, so that the work chould be completed and perhaps checked before going online, (emphase the size of the viewing audience, perhaps the ratings/feedback they receive might reinforce that point?
  3. Tags, I forgot to explain the importance of tags. As yet you can not yet create groups on AS, tags would be a very good way to search for students work and create “groups.”
  4. Q. How do you encourage students that dont want to post? We had one student who was less than positive.

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