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Phonics Tripti-Codes

Two weeks reading and learning about Systematic Synthetic Phonics, most of today has been set aside for building Triptico resources. I have started with Phase 2, letters and sounds, and GPC Sets 1-5 and High Frequency Words. All “public,” all tagged with at least “SSP,” by “phase” and “set.” One single yellow band at the…
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15 Apr ’20 0

Phonics project – satp for free

With a commitment to smaller, slower steps, I am starting with just sounds and simple words for Phase 2, Set 1 (s, a, t, p). We are also looking at the format and presentation of the sounds. For now, these lists and therefore resources, are in draft, but freely available. Signs / actions and images…
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11 Apr ’20 0

Phonics, activities and lessons

I shared two connected posts, home learning and teaching and my use of Triptico to create resources with our Year R son. This experience offered a good reason to learning about both phonics and handwriting, and where these two important topics overlap. I read the National Strategy documents, connected with Early Years professionals and teachers,…
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6 Apr ’20 0

Year R with Triptico

I have been a supporter and fan of Triptico for many years now. Every now and again, I am reminded of Triptico’s versatility. Setting up Olly’s (Year 4) home learning this morning was another one of those times. Writing a sentence about the park… became a word magnet, ordering activity, complete with a background image…
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30 Mar ’20 0

Are your IWBs primarily overly sophisticated whiteboards?

Are your IWBs primarily overly sophisticated whiteboards? If yes, read on. Those of you that answered no, please re-read the question, I did hedge my bets with the inclusion of ‘primarily.’ If the answer is still no, you are on the money and probably are already using a fantastic tool like Triptico Plus already. The burgeoning Triptico Plus has…
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12 Feb ’13 0

English Radar

The SSAT English radar is an electronic newsletter, distributed to the SSAT’s English network, approximately 3000 Heads of English and teachers of English, as well as senior leaders, across England. It focuses on the successful leadership and management of an English department, as well as classroom pedagogy. The newsletter includes stories from schools, teaching tips and…
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19 Nov ’12 0