Year R with Triptico


Year R with Triptico

30 Mar ’20 Teaching 0

I have been a supporter and fan of Triptico for many years now. Every now and again, I am reminded of Triptico’s versatility. Setting up Olly’s (Year 4) home learning this morning was another one of those times.

Writing a sentence about the park… became a word magnet, ordering activity, complete with a background image of his favourite park walk or bike ride activity.

Create the word list

What is so powerful is that one list can be used across the range of Triptico activities. I will show you that at the end of the post.

Build sentences in Magnets

We opened the list in “Magnets.” Olly wanted extra words, so we learnt how to add word magnets, eg “on” and a “the.” I had forgotten to add “park” – so we added that too. Finally we added a full-stop magnet.

Olly enjoyed ordering the magnets to build his sentence and in doing so stumbled on the +/-size and colour features. We used Triptico’s colour features (swipe up), to add a little colour and help him understand the sentence he had just built.

Lastly, he wrote out his sentence as his final draft.

The resource too less than a minute to create, is re-usable, and led to about thirty minutes learning. As I said, the originally word list can be reused. Below is the Order Sort activity.

Next – we are planning to work on some phonics Triptico lists. We with the aim of supporting:

  • Practising letter recognition
  • Teaching and practising blending for reading VC and CVC words
  • Teaching and practising high-frequency (common) words

If you are a phonics teacher, I’d appreciate any help.


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