Are your IWBs primarily overly sophisticated whiteboards?


Are your IWBs primarily overly sophisticated whiteboards?

12 Feb ’13 Curriculum 0

Are your IWBs primarily overly sophisticated whiteboards?

If yes, read on. Those of you that answered no, please re-read the question, I did hedge my bets with the inclusion of ‘primarily.’ If the answer is still no, you are on the money and probably are already using a fantastic tool like Triptico Plus already.

Triptico Plus febThe burgeoning Triptico Plus has growing by the week. In fact Triptico Plus has increased from an initial 6 to 19 learning tools since it’s release, and there are more in the back categloue, pipeline and a bunch still stuck in David Riley’s head.  Brand new resources like Bingo are being excitedly discovered and old favourites keep on appearing like a discarded Christmas present, rediscovered on New Years day.

Why am I such a Triptico megaphone? Well, for what my opinion is worth, Triptico is makes a real impact in my classroom. Beautifully designed, engaging or interactive, or both even, it holds my students attention. If you have an IWB, it transforms it into a, IWB, and gets students up out of their seat. It is immensely versatile and I can not think of a subject that would have a use for Magnets or at least a handful of the learning tools. What is more, you can now store your lesson ideas or class lists to the cloud.

Today David Riley (Triptico author) mentioned an impending upgrade to Cardboard, which I am eagerly waiting, along with another favourite, the Randon Name / Verb / Anything generator (although you could use Flip Selector). Meanwhile, I continue to plead with him to develop a reading tool he described over the phone one evening, for directing whole class reading activities, still stuck in design mode. Hence, this call to action.

For the record, Triptico remains completely free to download and usehowever for even more engaging and active lessons, and real IWB interactivity, David could really do with our support. Afterall, up until now, all that bandwidth has come out of his own pocket, maybe you could support the development of Triptico Plus.

Why not subscribe to Triptico Plus? Or get a site license for your school, or cluster of Academies. As it is Random Act of Kindness week (and that is not a convenient lie) why not gift Triptico Plus for a colleague? Look, I will lead the way.

This afternoon I collected Harry, my four year old, from school. I took the opportunity to speak to his teacher, Mrs Dalton. First I asked if should have a class PC or Latop. Laptop – check. Next, did she have an IWB, optional, but – check. Next I asked if she could access and install Triptico on her class laptop. Unsure. Mrs Dalton asked if I could email the link to the Primary School office. There, they will check the software is fit for school. Well, you know the answer with be – check. Whose class are you going to enliven with your gift?

Lastly, if you are a school leader curious about Triptico Plus, get in touch with David or spend a few minutes to watch the video. Not only is David a talented app developer, he is a passionate teacher and fab teacher trainer. Why not impact on teaching and learning across the school with a school Triptico Plus subscription and very reasonable (highly quality) training?

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