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War Horse – themes of friendship 7b2

Today we used the very versatile thinklink as a recording tool to highlight the themes of friendship that students could recall from reading chapters 1-6 from War Horse. We continued to use the same canvas as a back channel for additional clues and ideas that arose or we deduced whilst reading chapter 7. In the…
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15 Oct ’12 0

Triptico Magnet Poetry

Today I used Coldplay’s Paradise and Triptico’s Word Magnets to stimulate a creative poetry activity. You can decide how to use the activity, I will share how I prepared it in less than ten minutes. Triptico is definitely quick, easy and the activity certainly caught the students attention. Simply copy the song lyrics from one…
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20 Mar ’12 5

Favoured Tweets

@KristianStill: HELP! Using Triptico – please help me help you and others!?! http://t.co/9IlalYYn Share resources here. Follow dropittome link. http://twitter.com/KristianStill/status/170158038479667201 Sent with IFTTT

16 Feb ’12 0

Hexagonal Learning 2.0

Despite only leading two lessons in hexagonal learning / thinking I am confident that this strategy made a significant impact on the students ability to understand and make connections between topic themes / terminology / characters. Respected colleagues, with more experience that I have, are supporting hex learning as a tool to promote SOLO (Structure…
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7 Feb ’12 3