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YouTube quizzing

The Video Questions Editor is currently only in beta but it allows educators (well anyone really, but who else would?) who upload videos to YouTube to add questions to their clips at specific points. YouTube states on the site that the feature allows ‘multiple questions to be displayed on top of your video during playback that…
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22 Sep ’12 0


Socrative has been on my radar for a little while are it appeared in RSS feed in a few different places. It falls under a category of web based student response systems, and so far is one of my favourite. It was most certainly easy to set up, flexible and functional with the choice of instant response…
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30 Mar ’12 1

Better Learning Rates for Your Moodle Investment

I am not planning on re-writing a post already written by respected Moodle bloggers and screencast on Youtube, however I do wish to showcase Moodle’s Game Module. Key points You’ll be able to make multiple game activities in minutes if you already have questions or quizzes, or even simpler, glossaries. No? Well, good news, glossaries…
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14 Mar ’11 10

Puzzle Tiles

I have been teaching nearly 10 years and I have not seen this simple yet really effect question style; puzzle tiles. Simple unscramble the tiles to find the answer. See, I thought you would like it. It is also the first question style I have added to my quizzical list in a long time.

4 Mar ’10 0

Maths and Spelling Tests

Math and spelling tests are officially cool again. This morning I used TUTPUP to introduce students in Year 7 and 8 about online identies. See, Tutpup does a great job of registering students whilst protecting their identities. There are no usernames, only coloured animal and number combinations from across the world. So you could be a green ape…
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10 Jun ’08 0

Cover Lessons

To set the scene, lower band Yr 9 Maths group (13-14 yr olds). Two teaching assistants and an exercise book task. Bring on the heavy weights…. cooperative competition. ‘Student Team Learning strategies have compiled an enviable record of research which documents positive contributions to academic achievement. In 40 studies of Student Team Learning methods, 33…
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26 Mar ’08 0