YouTube quizzing


YouTube quizzing

22 Sep ’12 Digital Learning 0

The Video Questions Editor is currently only in beta but it allows educators (well anyone really, but who else would?) who upload videos to YouTube to add questions to their clips at specific points. YouTube states on the site that the feature allows ‘multiple questions to be displayed on top of your video during playback that a viewer can answer.’

The editor itself can be found on the video edit page, on the edit bar. After you have added several questions and the users have viewed them, you can see a summary of the interaction your users had with them through the analytics page, within the Annotations section.

Questions can be posted in a multiple-choice format, with/out hints if the viewer gets it wrong, as well as revealing when a correct answer has been selected. Now don’t get all over-excited about another ‘flipped’ learning opportunity, YouTube has made it clear that the Video Questions Editor is only something it’s experimenting with and that ‘there is no plan for long-term support of the feature and may be removed at any time without prior notification.’

All you have to do is join the beta.


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