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Wake-ing a thirst for literacy (part 2)

Having only assumed the role of English teacher fairly recently, I typically have to read for the very first time, the text I am about to teach, for the very first time, a few weeks before the term starts. Being on the school leadership team comes with many privileges however you are expected to ‘fill-in’…
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11 Jun ’13 0

Wake-ing a thirst for literacy (part 1)

I had been on the look out for a cinematic, highly narrative video-game title to re-purpose as a writing stimulus for some time now, inspired by Tim Ryland’s use of Myst and following on from the success of using US hit series Flash Forward as a writing stimulus for lower ability sets. I say ‘lower…
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9 Jun ’13 0

Horror Ball Take 1

The original video taken on the iphone 4S, to be later edited in the cloud via Youtube video editing tools. Sent with IFTTT

21 Oct ’11 0

Changing Faces of Hamlet? Romeo?

Listening to This Week in Google or TWIG I was reminded about Google’s photo editing software update 3.8. In addition to the ability to batch upload multiple albums, edit those albums online and metadata options, we get a new feature,  ‘Face Movies.’  The ability to create a face movie centre or framed on one particular face. Simply select…
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19 Aug ’10 0

Search Stories Video Creator

Google recently launched a new feature called the Search Stories Video Creator. This new feature prompts you to input up to seven search queries from acroos Google’s search features (including Images, Maps, and of cause web search), throw on a song and it generates a video in the same style as Google’s other Search Stories. The whole…
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9 Jul ’10 0

100 Video Sites Every Educator Should Bookmark

You can find a great amount of helpful material on these sites, including videos to augment your lessons, lectures to inspire students, documentaries to show them how things work, and loads of additional videos to help you become a better, smarter teacher. Well, that is the title of the blog post on ‘The Innovative Educator.’…
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28 Feb ’10 0