Don’t let what you do, get in the way of what you are doing well

I wished I had been able to take a little more time to personally articulate how the first six weeks at The Wellington Academy have been. I know that I will never again get to experience this education adventure. It really has…..

Teaching, the Design of the Building and ICT

How you do see teaching, the design of the building and ICT combining to create a thriving learning environment that enhances achievement. (Without Visual Aids) Which came first, the teacher or the teaching space? After all, we all know that…..

#LWF The Art of Enchantment

I do go on about it, but RSS feeds  are an excellent resource for ANY learner. Its just finding the most appropriate feeds. My RSS feeds bring a wonderful world of learning opportunity direct to me, to my Google Reader…..

When to Abandon Lessons Plans

The 7a to Hillsborough The first lesson of a new scheme of work. A shiny new Year 7 Scheme of Work and  new topic, Narrative Poetry. We had organised a few students transfers and it was on with the work……