How do you know?
How do you know?

How do you know?

Two terms into my current role as headteacher I have been given plenty to reflect upon.

If I am successful as a school leader, what would be different about the school in which I lead? If I have been succeedful at influencing others, what would be different about them?

These are the questions I will be assigning my thinking time and thoughts to.

How will I know?

As important as what I know, is how I know it. I wonder how more seasoned head teachers “take the temperature?”

I have access to a Trustee Board. The lead Trustee meets with all the staff termly and I must ask for a summative review of those conversations.

Our Trustee recently surveyed parents’ views.  I need to take stock and possibly respond the the sumative feedback. In addition, the parents at our school are becoming more confident in airing their views (a positive indicator).

Our Regional Principal offers his viewpoint from termly visits.

I visited another local campus recently and that offer an important comparison.

Weekly – I have meetings with individual senior staff, as a senior team, and with our administration staff. I walk the school, visit classrooms and talk with staff and students almost daily. We are a small site.

We now have a Trust-wide structured Personal Professional Review cycle.I have seen a signficant number of our staff teacher and held professional conversations. I have also meet weekly with our NQTs.

As a school we have started to collect data / information on a range of key indicators; attainment, progress, attendance, behaviour referrals and rewards. Tracking these markers over time will offer insight.

Lastly, I am maintaining the School Improvement Plan termly.

Information is not in short supply. Thinking time remains a precious resource.


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