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ipadio: Yr 11 Comandeers the IWB Pen. We Asked Why?

Listen to my latest phonecast A five minute impromptu conversation with a member of staff with an IWB in his room soon became a lesson for the teacher. A Yr11 student in for coursework catch-up saw what we were doing on the IWB and commandeered the IWB pen and proceed to organise the tiles. I…
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9 Feb ’12 1

Think Link 90%

STOP THE PRESS! I was excited with David Riley took on the ‘Hex Learn’ project for a new Triptico app but really…. what he has created in ‘Think Link’ deserves your attention. ‘Think Link Plus’ – the first preview, received some really positive comments. Trusted, hugely experienced colleague and IT solutions company Director Mike McSharry (@mikemcsharry) described David’s work…
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9 Feb ’12 3

ipadio: Yr 7 Triptico Think Link

Just for the record, Triptico is FREE and I have no commericial interests or ties to the product, however I will say I use one of the 20 tools, almost everyday in my teaching. Listen to my latest phonecast

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