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Canvas-ing design ideas

I’ve said it more than once, RSS (and here) is a fantastic and much under-utilised recourse. Feedly, my agregator of choice. This week, on the back of the InstructureCon (Canvas conference), the Canvas blog signposted three Canvas Network’s Educator courses. I decided to dip into Course Design Lab: Add Flair to Your Canvas Course by…
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10 Aug ’17 0

Learning Aims, Outcomes or Objectives

I am not keen to get into an aims, outcomes or objectives debate. I am not sure that I am too bothered which staff use, as long as the learning is framed, signposted or explored in some way and the students are engaged, challenged, inspired and directed. What you can be sure of is, is…
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13 Feb ’13 4

The most learning you will ever experience with a scroll wheel

I do not have time to do this website justice. Nor do I have time to write a proper review. I am sorry, as it is one of the most exciting resources I have seen as webware for teaching for quite some time. ChronoZoom at www.chronozoomproject.org showcases the history of nearly everything, its BIG BANG…
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18 Mar ’12 0

Reggio Emilia

Whilst talking on the phone to Ty Goddard (BCSE) about the impact of school designed on learning, he glossed (but glowed) over Reggio Emilia, a small area in Norther Italy famous for its use of the environment (the third teacher) in early childhood education. Since that conversation I have had little time to pursue that…
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21 May ’11 0

Mootuk11 Day1 Workshops PM

Can Moodle Do it All? Peter Wilkinson (FE) What is “it all?” Most of us are going to have to more with less, administration and non-contact time will, at best, remain static. So Peter applied a triage analogy and suggested we focus on those individuals who will respond to treatment, the late majority. The “it’s…
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19 Apr ’11 2

Adobe Rome #fail and #success

So the 60 minute challenge was game on, in the bag, job done, until I tried to add a few icons, to one same section, on different layers, of the same page. Do you catch my drift? No? With 10 minutes still remaining I wanted to add some icons below each social media title (click…
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26 Oct ’10 2