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“In education, why do they insist on saying that we should go back to basics. We never left.” Wes Fyrer Podcast It looks like you could be new here, so thanks for dropping by. If you are indeed returning, then welcome back and if you are a glutton for punishment, you can subscribe RSS feed. Thanks for visiting. .... Read more and bookmark.

Face to Face

This morning I visited Gideon Williams, Head of ICT at Perins School. During the visit I witnessed a Year 9 top set working on Windows Movie Maker, a French class practicing their vocab and most importantly I was able to sit and discuss ICT Middle Management with Gideon. Incidently, I was also reminded about the power of search engine Dogpile, as one student noted, ‘it was good for .... Read more and bookmark.

Teaching and Learning

I thought that by making an initial post midway through the week that the weekend post would be more straight forward. Sadly, I am not sure that this is the case. This job is currently impacted by so many different aspects of school life, it is impossible to manage all of them. I think the key here is to prioritise. Teaching and Learning remains my focus; a rather simple title but it includes .... Read more and bookmark.

Mid Week

Up until now, I had been waiting until the weekend to write… This week I was determined to hit a half-way marker.  Although its not halfway, there is little to report in just two days. The Middle Leaders meeting reinforced the need to tidy user areas, noted the use of the IT tech reporting form and general to do. I think this is a good forum for this information but the IT Newsletter is also .... Read more and bookmark.

Looking up a Mountain

Now in my third week, I have noticed that my mistakes or poor judgments appear more prominent in my reflections than the successes. Is this an issue of my personality or is it typical for middle leaders? Two major points, one a memo that I failed to followup for a SLT meeting and the second was consulting with a colleague before introducing a former pupil in a shared class that she was .... Read more and bookmark.