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Well I know I am not the only ICT teacher faced with this task. At present there is a need to extend my own personal knowledge and to then find the right solution for Hamble College. What I have learnt is every education solution is unique and should not only …


Question? Does the theme impact on whether or not the editor provides a WYSIWYG editor? I have now introduced blogs to 3 teaching groups, hopefully the staff will enjoy using them and the students will enjoy their opportunity to publish! Sadly, the enthusiasm shown here is tinged with hope rather …


I am writing tonight to increase my accountability. I need to allocate some time to the Self Review Framework. There, its in print. This week I am not coaching Thursday and Sunday. So no excuses. This review needs time before the next MOTs meeting. Also, the students grading needs collection!


The WWW was conceived 16 years ago. So this years graduates were born and grow up with the future in their horizons. What will those graduating in 2020 experience? Read more at Ewans blog. I was reminded about this fact listening to Ewans presentation from somewhere I was not, and …