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Whilst Watching Transsiberian

With lies you may get ahead in the world – but you can never go back.  Russian proverb Borrowed from Transsiberian, a decent film, in which Ben Kingsley’s Russian Detective delivers the Russian proverb.

17 May ’09 0

Using ICT in education

‘Dont ask how intelligent a child is, ask rather, how is a child intelligent.’ RM Educational Podcasts offer regular educational podcasts of real quality. In the most recent podcast, Dr Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College, draws on his experience of school design anddiscusses the positive and negative aspects of using ICT in education. What…
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22 Apr ’09 0

Tiny Buddha Delivers

People who cease to grow can’t inspire others. Leadership begins with challenging oneself. (Daisaku Ikeda) I have always loved powerful words, quotes and parables. For many years I have collected quotes that are easily applied to students, to learning, to youth leadership and assemblies. I would post them around the ‘football’ noticeboard, tag them on…
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15 Apr ’09 0

14 Months and I was Back Where I Started (updated)

Since emailing Helen Foster at Moodle, I decided to write this post about why and how we selected Moodle. As this may be shared with other schools and staff considering Moodle as a potential VLE, I updated the content. “Go out there and source a VLE” said the Head and indirectly the Governors. Where do…
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13 Apr ’09 5

Ducks to Water

Today our Moodle technician introduced a small group (9) of Digital Leaders to course creation within Skoogle. We had 9 students, all content with building these ‘Introduction Course’ for their teacher partner. With very little guidance they soon got to grips with the importance of visual presentation and our decision to use pdfs vs docs.…
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9 Apr ’09 0

Climate of Moodle Moot UK 09

MoodleMoot has been a very rewarding experience. There is no need to outline content of each keynote or individual breakout session (I am sure that the majority of presentations will be uploaded to the moodlemoot uk 09 site) – what I wish to reflect upon and emphase is the climate of the conference. Moodlemoot delegates seemes…
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8 Apr ’09 0