Flashcards with Charlie
Flashcards with Charlie

Flashcards with Charlie

This is a short but important post.

On Wednesday I saw Charlie through the window. He was working 1-2-1 on his literacy. Charlie is in Year 4. He is a very important pupil to me.

Every Friday, we meet and walk the field. We talk about hoovers, fountains and family.

Charlies was working on his spellings. He was design acronyms for his tricky words and recording them on flashcards. These flashcards when home with him to practice.

So I built Charlie his own deck. He now has his own digital flashcard via RememberMore. What is more, they’re presonalised twice. They are his cards and RememberMore personalises the delivery based on his interactions.

I am not sure how we are going to use the Notes section yet. An additional field for adding “notes.” I’m hoping Charlie will have some ideas.

If you are a specialist teacher or teaching assistant, if you have a Charlie – get in touch and we can build your Charlie their own deck too.

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